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christmas cupckes

There are so many ideas for Christmas cupcakes that it is difficult to know where to start.
You can make vanilla or fruit cupcakes. I would suggest vanilla if you are using glace or buttercream frosting and fruit cake if you intend to use fondant.

Fruit cakes can be made and iced with fondant well ahead of time, however, a vanilla cupcake is best made and eaten immediately. If you enjoy fruit cakes, but want an easier recipe to follow, click on my boiled fruit cupcakes for a quick alternative.

Although fruit mince pies are yummy, making pastry can be quite time consuming. Fruit mince cupcakes are an ideal alternative. Frost with brandy buttercream for an easier and quicker alternative. Your guests will be asking for the recipe!

Another cupcake recipe that is fantastic teamed up with brandy buttercream is my recipe for Christmas spice cupcakes. The blend of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, golden syrup and fruit mince (or mincemeat) is just perfect.

Christmas reindeer cupcake I use a variety of colors, but mainly red, white and green when decorating for the holiday season.

Reindeer cupcakes look great and are very easy to make -just follow these simple directions

Holly cupcakes are brightly colored and are sure to be a favorite with the children. There are lots of gorgeous cupcake liners for sale so you can have some fun matching decorations to the liners.
cupcake Christmas tree Click here to follow my easy instructions on assembling a cupcake Christmas Tree. They look good and are great to give away as a gift or take to a Christmas Party. Another cupcake recipe that is good for this time of the year is a red velvet cupcake. It is, as the name suggests, red in color and looks great with white frosting.

My ideas for decorating Xmas cupcakes work well with any cake and any type of frosting. They are all mix-and-match.
All you need is a little imagination.
  When it comes to imagination, you must visit Dusty Oak Ornaments. This website has THE most gorgeous range of Christmas ornaments. They are distinctive and unique decorations that look fantastic on a Christmas Tree, but would look just as stunning displayed anywhere in the house. Since the holidays are all about sharing and creating memories for times to come, what could be more perfect than a gift that will bring the recipient joy for years? If you are in need of advice and inspiration for that perfect Christmas gift, you must visit Keeper Gifts Online for fantastic gift suggestions.
If you have Christmas cupcake ideas, we'd love to hear from you. Please send in photographs, recipes or suggestions so that we can share your stories.

Christmas Cupcake Ideas

Christmas cupcakes Christmas cupcakes
Christmas cupcake Christmas cupcakes
Christmas cupcakes Christmas cupcake
If these gorgeous cupcakes have inspired you, wait until you see the range of products that can make making and decorating your Christmas cupcakes so much easier. Below are a few of my favorite products, ranging from cupcake papers to cupcake picks and toppers.

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